Mar 29, 2014

Going deeper into Holistic Hotel Management: Example 1

The other day, I made a summary about how Hotels can make the most of Internet. If you remember, we highlighted some points that Touristology proposes in order to make this possible. In a nutshell:
A) Avoid fighting Economies of scale battle
B) Instead focus on the most profitable segments
C) Find the relevant people/organizations inside each segment/chain of value and…help them to help you!
Let’s illustrate these points with a couple examples, one in this post and the other in the near future. Shall, we?
We can use as a base to build a Touristology’s study case, the story of The Da Vinci Code that we reviewed here. If you remember, in 1946 Noel Corbu purchased the former estate of the Abbey Berenger Sauniere, from the former priest of Rennes-le-Chateau between 1885-1909, and during Easter 1955 he opened a restaurant in the Villa Bethania, later also turned into a Hotel.
The hotel itself faced some difficulties due to its fairly isolated location, until He managed to transform a commodity into a magnet of attraction for customers around the world (passing a simple 2 in a Super2 in Touristology’s terms).
You can learn about how He did that in the same post. You can also see that I asked My Touristologist for more growth strategies. Can we create our own 1,2,3? Can we develop a S3?  As I always said, We are the best minds in the best sector ever… So, the following are some of their brilliant ideas (which make me both happy and proud!).
As the hotel was previously an Abbey - began to explain one of the most intelligent Touristologists I have ever had the honor to teach - I’m sure that some reforms and improvements were necessary over the physical support, in order to execute a good servuction. If you add the fact that nowadays it is a trend to transform Military and Religious places into lodging facilities, as we can see here and in this video…

…It’s clear that somebody has to plan, design and implement these reforms - Of course- continuous the Touristologists- We will do the design of the servuction and the creation, communication and commercialization throughout the chain of value that we will also build!
BUT… obviously, it’s much better to leave the physical transformation in the capable hands of one architect. A normal one? Much better a specialist in this field!
So, as appear the opportunity to learn, as it’s proving that travelling increases the learning experience, because it provides different perspective from experts and cultures around the world… We, as a Touristologists, have a golden ticket to sharpen our skills! We can organize and sell a tourism product focused on architects around the world!
Automatically, the Touristologist set up a team share/assign Touristology tools to them and in a few days they show me the final result.
Can you do the same? Here are the tools My Touristologists use…
A) Segmentation Matrix: In order to build a community that, as you know, is one of the ways to get a competitive advantage in Tourism

B) Segments accountancy: In order to know the margin and the Break Even Point. Two key elements for anyone willing to create new Tourism products
They also use the concept of Super 3 and send me e-mails with the following information that I wasn’t unable to link with this project ;-) . Can you?
architour    architours    archtours....
I love Touristology’s games! What about you?

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