Jan 23, 2018

Everything is possible in first days!

Yesterday, I had my first session with future Touristologists with the Yield/Revenue Manager’s hat on!
I love first sessions in classes, seminar, in-company training or start-up meetings!!! Everything is possible the first day.
The objectives that appear in OUR syllabus, minds and hearts are ALL possible. Everyone can become the best Touristologists in town, create the new, new disruptive star-up, become the intrapreneur of the year in her/his company, to start a promising journey to become a Manager of Hotel or a Travel Agency, or the new, new Intermediary/Infomediary…
In this first class there was a very dynamic student with strong ideas that I wanted to challenge… to see/think/feel these ideas with another view, another attitude… Touristology’s one!!!
1) It is NOT possible to apply Yield/Revenue Management in Hotels that close after the high season!
Is not possible to apply Yield/Revenue Management in this kind of Hotels? Are you pulling my leg? This kind of Hotels are a wonderful opportunity for REAL Touristologists!!! Do you want to become one?
You can review this post where WE explained the study case of the Wickinn hotel in British Columbia (Canada). This article explains this Touristology’s attitude… “The Wick” sits on the western-most coast of Vancouver Island, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. During the summer, it is one of the prettiest and most tranquil spots you can imagine. But from mid-October to late May, this elegant hotel and surrounding area is pummeled with horrific storms complete with howling winds, huge waves and horizontal rain.
Instead of shying away from this horrendous weather for half the year, The Wickaninnish Inn embraced it, creating a whole experience out of Storm Watching. Everyone who experiences Storm Watching comes away from it somehow captivated, transformed and full of stories that they enthusiastically share with others.”
You can get more information here.
There are many things in life where the normal attitude is to get along, just wait until things fix themselves.
When prices are down what will your reaction be? Will you mark down the prices as well? When everybody closes their Hotel… what do you do? Maybe, you will decide to think as a Touristologist does! Looking for new segments, new opportunities, new chains of value, new ancillary products, new ways to add value…
Again, are you special or an average Touristologist?
Average people are ONLY good at making excuses…
2) I will never make an offer in January! People run out of money, they already went on vacations…  so, forget about Yield/Revenue Management in January!
I, clearly, listened to Touristology’s voice talking through me…
What about looking for new segments?
People that win the lottery, any lottery in any country… The world is flat AND definitely, OUR Office!!!
People that want to learn how to eat properly in order to reduce cholesterol levels, to keep their weight at bay… Do you think that you Food and Beverage department can create special packages for this segment?
People locking for a job… can you make a special agreement with the government and provide special training to them in order to develop new Touristology skills and find new opportunities…
I could go on for a month, but I think I have made my point!
As I said in all OUR first sessions… I’m NOT important YOU ARE! Waiting for YOUR examples, waiting to see YOU becoming the best minds in the best sector ever!!!

Jan 6, 2018

Mentoring is a lifelong experience!

The other day, I was talking with a Yield/ Revenue Manager (one of the best in this field). You know, I was a mentor to them, nowadays… They mentor me back!!!  I Love Touristology!!!
I really enjoy talking with my mentors! I like to see the light in their eyes when they talk about something that is very important to them AND they love to share with me all the details of their everyday battlefield!
Then I have the opportunity to propose to them new approaches or just remember the classical ones. It is a win2win situation. A privilege for being a lecturer in Tourism for the last 26 years!
In this specific mentoring session, we began to talk about segmentation process…
My mentor very fast explain to me the  BAR (Best Available Rate) for each segment, each Groups…Then the classification of the segment based on the distribution channel that they use…
WoW! Wait a moment Touristologist! We are talking about SEGMENTATION, Right?
You don’t define a segment properly just because you assign a BAR to them!
You don’t define a segment properly just because you know which OTA, CRS... they are using in order to make a reservation in your hotel!
If you really want to generate demand and not only to manage it, you need to remember what you learnt as a Touristologists! You have to look for the usual suspects to define segments for your hotel…

Are you able to improve the profitability of your hotel using Touristology’s segmentation???
Are you able to find places where these segments meet together? Just remember…
The beginning of your channel (Chain of Value OR Digital Ecosystem) it is NOT your hotel! It is your Tourists!!! If you are unable to find places real or virtual (What is the difference between them in XXI century???) where your customers meet… you don’t have a segment! You have a good example of Dr. Frankensteins segmentation!
Of course, you can have a profitable Hotel using Dr. Frankensteins segmentation! Hotels for millennials or a Hotel for Emmas or Paus. But maybe you can get a more profitable Hotels following Touristology’s segmentation. The one based upon on Maslow approach and developed for hotels by Chip Conley which will allow you to use long tail theory to seduce YOUR customers in specialize places where usually you don’t have to pay in order to get a direct reservation. It is another example of a Win2Win situation that, clearly, will improve your GopPar!!! On the other hand, as you are focus on a very specialized segment, you can focus on selling VALUE not rooms. This will also increase your RevPar and your TRevPar.
This conversation was going on for hours! We finished it with plenty of good examples and eager to apply them in our beloved sector! I love intellectual dancing with My Touristologists… It is the best way to start a new year and the best gift ever!!! It is also the best way of not becoming the characters in the following figure… 

Are you too busy to improve? Even, when you have your solution INSIDE your hotel. You have the best Tourism Resource of all times… Your people!
Do you think that 2018 can be a good year to change (or complement) the way you define and practice SEGMENTATION in your hotel? If you have any doubt… don’t ask me! Ask any of my Touristologists, they are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!