Nov 23, 2010


Today I want to give an homage (In this occasion a serious one!!!)
to all my students that have turned into TOURISTOLOGIST
They make me feel that the effort of twenty years of profession hadn’t been worthless at all. More and more experts in tourism are earning a living in the tourism sector, getting respect from other professionals, proving that in order to work in tourism you have to provide attitude, specialized knowledge, contacts, and abilities. It is clear that they are the best in their field.
I think that in average I have two or three students able to make a difference in the sector, in every class. I have two or three students with a mind of their own. You can do the math: twenty years of profession multiplied by two students every year I get a wonderful class of 40 exceptional Touristologist!!!!
When I have lazy, demoralize, eternal moaners, only-creative-making-excuses, pretentious, Mr. Know-it-all students, when I am surrounded by people with a lack of vision, followers, believers that Touristology is not a science… The only thing that I have to do is to think in those forty mental warriors and… doubts, fears and uncertainty disappears. Strength, hope and entrepreneurial power run through my veins!!!
Every time that I get a new group I don’t know which will become part of these elite. So, I do my best, I treat all of them equally. You cannot put me down, because every time I walk in my class I only see the future of the tourism sector.
So, I’ll do my job, the rest IT’S UP TO YOU!!!!!
PS: This post is not translated to Catalan or Spanish because if you are one of them it won’t be necessary.