Sep 10, 2018

Building the best minds in Tourism!

In OUR classes, seminars, in-company training or start-up meetings in order to define (or redefine!) the Business Model and the Technology Scheme, we have to use the right methodology. I mean…
Simple/repetitive/ copy-the-way-Tourism-enterprises-work-today
Complex/creative/ let’s-define/visualize-the-way-Tourism-enterprises-will-work-in-the-future
I could make OUR life easier providing summaries and funny videos that you can memorize and then pass a simple test, BUT my job/passion/mission is to build the best minds in the best sector ever!
I want to be sure that I build on you the following competences:

Competence: To listen to someone, get his/her message, extract the knowledge and then read/look at/talk to… and get your OWN conclusions.

Competence: To convey your own ideas in front of an audience and argue/improve your position even if others disagree and/or they give new visions/examples right on the spot.

Competence: To seduce local Tourists BUT also INTERNATIONAL ones. To wait for other people to bring their Tourists BUT also to know how to seduce your OWN ones!

Competence: To adapt to any Tourism enterprise and follow their processes BUT also to be able to improve them AND visualize a new disruptive idea and be able to implement it!

Competence: To practice simple segmentation (Leisure, Business, Groups, the-ones-who-make-the-reservation-in-this-channel…) BUT also deeper one, in order to get better RevPar, TRevPar and GopPar!

I’m a Touristologists builder. I help to create the best minds in the best sector ever! Minds able to visualize, imagine, improve how to manage new scenarios. Competences that machines/robots will start to develop in no less than 10 years! By the way, I’m building these machines too!

Sep 2, 2018

Can you feel the power of Touristology’s principles?

The other day, I was reading an excellent article about ICELANDAIR. This article  explains that “Iceland should be a good air market right now. But increased competitive capacity is putting major pressure on Icelandair. The carrier's new CEO is going to have to find a way to get the airline back on track. ”
What about... YOU are the NEW CEO of ICELANDAIR!!
Can you read the article and using your Touristology’s frameworks explain your set of strategies? Are you willing to practice a little bit of your favorite subject??? Here you have a kind of blueprint…
So far, the former CEO has tried to do the following…
1) Appear a low cost competitor lowering the price? His answer? Mark down the price!
2) A Tourist want to travel from USA to London. His idea is that He/She spends time and money in the middle!

3) Thinking about opening new routes (India…)
Good ideas? Bad ones? What do YOU think?
Let’s see what Touristology can bring to the table (remember in disruption table if you don’t have a seat… YOU are the meal!!!)
Is it a good strategy for an airline company to sell other components of a trip? Well, EasyJet, Ryanair  and now Virgin are doing so…
Wouldn’t be, even better, if they practice deeper segmentation and develop special packages for specialized Tourists?
Do you want an example of deeper segmentation providing 1) Loyal Tourists with a high Identity Refreshment 2) The possibility to create groups and sell to them new and more customized services, getting a higher profitability 3) The advantages of Long Tail distribution and communication allowing to distribute and communicate your services with zero o no cost….? What about the one that I shared with you in this Tweet? Can you connect the dots? Are you able to provide an example where an airline company try to seduce this segment?
Can you see the BIG difference if you organize a meeting in any place (before, during or after the trip) for these “Digital Nomads? Meetings with possible investors, future customers, employers, trainers… Do you see the potential growth of revenues sources from these meetings. Do you see a higher relationship between the airline company and this segment? Do you see the advantages of Long Tail Distribution and communication?
Can you feel the power of Touristology’s principles?
I can provide thousands of examples of specialized segments BUT… I am NOT the important one… YOU ARE!!!
BUT… Jordi! I work in an airline company… I have/want to sell seats!
I want to keep my business simple! At the end of the day, as Steve Jobs say…
“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
OK! Let me convey this fundamental Touristology idea in a very simple way!
Your business is NOT selling rooms, seats or F&B… Your business is to satisfy your Tourists, providing what they need, when they need it, in the way they need it!
But… Jordi! this idea is simple, BUT its management is complex!
Exactly, for that reason you will need to become or hired a Touristologists!!!
I love Touristology’s games! What about you?