Dec 13, 2018

Touristology: A solution to Overtourism!

Overtourism has become an important/interesting word. Some people describe it as a problem…. I prefer to describe as an opportunity to improve the way we try to manage our beloved sector.
The other day, I enjoyed reading this article about the topic “How cities can fix Tourism hell”. After reading it I share with my Touristologists this Tweet

Can reactive policies like limitations and taxes be effective? Of course!
Can technology help us to manage better Tourism? Of course!
Here you can see this interesting video

Here  you can remember the actions of Amsterdam…
BUT the important idea is to manage tourism giving support to the Tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip! Let’s embrace XXI century Tourism Management!

XX century Tourism Management:
1) I want that someone bring THEIR Tourists to my Tourism Destination/Enterprise. I will be successful if I get a high number of Tourists!...even if they appear at the same time at the same place.
2) “Tourism is travel for pleasure” 

We have to update old-fashioned definitions of Tourism and get back to our origins… the Grand Tour (travel to learn) Marco Polo (travel to make business) Charles Darwin (travel to get a bunch on creativity)… Otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid the bad impacts of our beloved sector and maximize all its opportunities.

XXI century Tourism Management: 
My enterprises will seduce Tourists (in a broad sense) from around the world AND We will send them around the world! I will be successful if my enterprises get most of the revenues of the trip AND a decent profit. If my people get a fair salary. If I avoid massification, gentrification!
Can you combine XX century Tourism management with XXI one? Of course! As a matter of fact, I strongly believe/recommend that you do so in order, to maximize the PROS of Tourism (Profits for your enterprises, Good salaries and great careers for your people, international contact and new perspectives for your inhabitants, a way to get revenues to take care of your cultural heritage…) and minimize the CONS (OverTourism, Massificaction, Local inhabitants unhappy with the Tourists, Gentrification…).

BUT the important question is… Can you combine the two typologies of Tourism Management if you don’t know how to apply one of them???

Dec 7, 2018

When you have a clear goal… begin to climb!!!

I want to give support to the Tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip! That means that I will need to use different software from different companies.
But this could be a problem - said the usual copyologists always looking for excuses for not paying attention. Always nervous to check out unnecessary comments in social media…
Problem? Never say “there is a problem” without presenting a solution. Not to your boss, not to yourself… if you want to have a successful career and a happy life!!!
You can use Docker! BUT how to orchestrate the different dockers container in different hybrid clouds of different enterprises members of the chain of value? You can use Docker Swarm or Kubernetes!
BUT Jordi! How can we TRUST the authentication of the docker container? Does Blockchain ring a bell to you? You know this technology that people unable to understand say that is not useful anymore!!!
But Jordi! How can we customize the 3C’s (Content, Commerce, Community) to each single Tourists? Does Artificial Intelligence ring a bell to you? You know this technology that people unable to understand say that is something small to them!
But Jordi! How can we provide this customized 3C’s to the Tourists in an easy way during the trip? Does Augmented Reality ring a bell to you? Forget chatbots, forget talking to a machine… I know that you are here and for that reason I send the customized 3 C’s. Then, if it is necessary talk or write to the system. So, Chatbots, talk to the machine interesting but…. SECONDARY!!!
But… this is very expensive! It is impossible to provide a profitable service to a generic Tourism focus on low price or for individual Tourists - Said an Intelligent Touristologists always listening, always thinking, always bringing news, videos… related with our beloved sector.
YES! For that reason, we need to use Deeper Segmentation and be sure that we will create GROUPS inside an international community!!! 
The other day, I saw this interesting tweet from Alexis Ohanian cofounder of Reddit “Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian issued an ominous warning for Facebook: 'We've hit peak social”
You can learn more about it here
In this article He predicted
“…users will move away from the big social networks toward new, more community-focused platforms.”
I wrote down this comment I, strongly, agree! It will happen as well in Tourism! Platforms of International communities will help Tourists to satisfy better their needs though a trip. From Generic to Specialized… are you ready???

Can you connect the dots Touristologists? International community-focused platforms… technology allowing to provide support from the beginning to the end of the trip… Time to start climbing!!!
Do you like the mountain that I have just described? Do you want to enjoy the view at the top of it? Are you NOT afraid of the effort? I will be there climbing this mountain... to the end!!