Jan 14, 2014

The king of metaphors… Your humble Touristologist!

I believe that, at the end of the day, I have been teaching the same ideas over the last 20 years. Same ideas but using different metaphors!!!
As you know (because you hear me saying this often), in OUR classes, seminars, in-company training, sessions of mentoring star-ups, motivation of my own crew in OUR own enterprise….  It’s never been about me it’s always about YOU! So, it is not about my knowledge it’s all about my skills to convey it... AND metaphors are a good tool !!!
Let’s review the last example that I use in the battlefield (NOT you, definitely, are NOT the enemy, Touristologists. We have a common enemy: Ignorance, lack of knowledge, lack of motivation, lack of vision, conformism, this-is-the-way-it-is-and-always-will-be… You know how much I hate those enemies!!!)
I played this video about blue ocean:

I think it’s a good metaphor about what is going on in our beloved sector. Especially in mass tourism. As I said here, In order to increase your profits in mass tourism you have to use economies of scale’s power. You need volume, you need to apply the big fish eats the small one law. This is happening with intermediaries and infomediaris: Priceline bought Booking, then Kayak… Expedia make a partnership with Travelocity , they also bought Trivago.
Apart from increasing profits they also want to stop other initiatives. Have you seen google Hotel Finder? In my opinion, it gets all the good ideas of the best data aggregators. Deal Angel’s idea about assessing the price of the hotel in comparison with the latest prices? You get it!
Room77’s idea of seeing the view from the room? You get it!
Tripadvisor’s idea that a hotel is as good as its users decide? You get it!
You want to select hotels by location, by category, by kind of features the hotel provides (Or amenities as Google call it) You get it!
Is this a good evolution for service providers in mass tourism? I don’t’ think so! The bigger the intermediaries the more focused on price they will be and this mean that they will try to convert you into a commodity.
I don’t know about you BUT I don’t like this… NOT a single bit!!!
So, this is the scenario of red waters.
Can you see the blue waters one?  Not yet? Maybe you would like to explore these posts and make your own conclusions…
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If you have any doubt... I will here (in blue waters) looking for new opportunities, dreaming about higher salaries and powerful start-ups for my Touristologists AND building my own pirate ship to sale those seas!!!
Enjoy your journey Touristologists! The world is your office, your passion is your compass AND TOURISTOLOGY OUR SCIENCE!!!!


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