Jan 7, 2014

Good Location? We decide what a good location is!

Mr. Conrad Hilton once famously said: "The three most important things when planning a new hotel are location, location and location."
It won’t be me, who says Mr. Hilton was wrong, I only want to, Touristologistly, say that:
Good location? We decide what a good location is! It will be the place we choose to become a magnet. 
- What?  How is it possible, Jordi? Tourists want to go to central places; near to relevant monuments… all these places, usually, are already taken!
Have I never mentioned before that we have two kinds of Tourism, Generic and Specialized? While, it is possible, to use the following ideas in generic tourism, clearly, where you can realize its full potential is in specialized one.
Let’s see, everything begins with a good segmentation, remember?
In specialized tourism it is very easy to define and try to bring together in a trip the following three sub-segments:

1) People who like this activity/service (Programming, Cooking, Sports… ) OR people who are members of a specific segment (Grandparents travelling with their grandchildren, Musicians locking for a place to stay... Couples facing a divorce BUT willing to give themselves a second chance …).

2) People who are wannabes or PRO-AM. We can divided this sub-segment into two categories
     2.1) The ones willing to take a step forward and transform their hobby into their profession. We represent them with the ascendant blue arrow in the above picture.
   2.2) The ones thinking about the possibility of becoming a professional and offering their services or products to this segment. Like, for instance, a psychologist focus on improving the grandparents-grandchildren relationships, or lawyers-counselors for marriages with problems. We represent them with the retroactive blue arrow in the above picture.

3) People already professionals and earning a living with this activity. As “actors” in this activity/ service (The ascendant blue arrow) OR as providers of services (The retroactive blue arrow).

Once you have the three sub-segments together, based on this community power, you can develop a Super3. That means become an intermediary for other tourism destination or lodging facilities desiring to make business with them. You will have a beautiful butterfly, as we saw here! A wing will be your segment, the other one the suppliers of services to them!
Anyway, the most relevant feature for this post is… As you have this community trusting you at your place, you become like a magnet for layers of profit:
A) People /companies who want to sell something to the community,
B) Or do marketing research in order to offer something to them in the future,
C) Or find the best experts in the field to sponsor them or hire them…
D) Or people willing to learn how you developed and manage this kind of magnet…
The layers are endless! You can learn more about these ideas here.
You can’t deny community’s power! Your place will become the place to be for somebody having any kind of relationships with this activity/service.
This is the kind of actions My Touristologists are able to do, of course they can set up a Google or Twitter campaign, of course they can make deals, both, technological and commercial with OTA (On-Line travel Agencies) CRS (Central Reservations systems) GDS (Global Distribution Systems), data- aggregators, channel managers, shoppers, SNS (Social Networking Sites)… you name it!
But, definitely, not only that! As the definition of Touristology claims “Touristology is the art and science of travel motivation promising improvements in quality of life, international contacts and broader perspectives for the tourist AND a way to take care of culture and create richness and employment for the tourist destination.”
We are Touristologist!
We know what makes people travel
We know how to transform your tourism resources into a product / service customized to one or several specific segments
We know how to communicate and commercialize through a chain of value
We know how to set up this chain of value
 We are the best minds working in the best sector ever!... And YES… Good Location? We decide what a good location is!
I began this blog three years ago, after 109 post I still strongly believe that Touristology is a science. What about you?

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