Nov 19, 2013

Chain of value, chain of value… CHAIN OF VALUE!!!!

They other day, my Touristologists gave a presentation about Miss Travel. I, specifically, ask them to leave apart any ethical issues that, obviously it has, but I don’t want to discuss neither here nor in class.
As usual, I ask them to draw the chain of value and to discuss if this enterprise has or not the control over it. 
I also demand that they use the following matrices:

There is NOT a chain of value here Jordi! - One of the members of the group shouted to me - Miss Travel is just a virtual community or a SnS (Social Networking Site).
There is ALWAYS a chain of value - I Touristologistly AND patiently reply. A different issue is if they control or manage it.
I’m a Touristologists builder and that means that I have to see my students as what they can be (real Touristologist, the future of Touristology!)  I don’t see the lack of…. or little signs of bright in… I only see weakness to overcome and strong points to enhance!  In the same way, when We study, analyze any tourism enterprise or tourism destination, automatically, We see it (or its) chain of value and the possibility that they have to control or manage it OR the possibility that other members of the chain of value do it!
WeHostels can be a case in point. Yesterday, appeared in the news that Studentuniverse bought WeHostels. 
 It was the next logical step, if you don’t have the possibility to control the chain of value others will do it for you. As I said here “My prediction is that in less than two years this app will be sold to another member of the chain of value.”
Jordi, it is not possible that the members of the chain of value remain in equilibrium? It can be, but it is not the natural state. We are living in a capitalist society and that means that our enterprises are profit orientated. There is no better way to maximize your profits than to have the leadership of your chain of value!
Intelligent people NOT only create enterprises they also create, manage and control the chain of value. Think about, Zara, Apple, Sony, Nike, Mercadona …
I’m a Touristologist builder. My goal is to create the best minds in the best sector ever. In order to achieve that, I have to give you good frameworks. The ones that allow you to see what others are unable to see. For instance, see any enterprise with its related chain of value!
Of course, this chain of value has to have and international scope! We are talking about tourism, right? The world is our office! Forget about local tourism, leave it for old chaps who don’t have the guts, the contacts, the experience, the skills that you have. No excuses! You have what it takes to succeed in an international environment. Time to prove it!
I repeat again, nothing wrong with local tourism. I only say that the best warriors, the best minds… play in the big league of International Tourism!
So, we can analyze any enterprise and foresee its success or failure visualizing its chain of value. Do you think you can use this skill in Miss Travel?
Do you think that they can control the chain of value?
Do they have the loyalty of the customers? I mean, the best option that customers have is to buy the product here?
Do they have the loyalty of the suppliers?  I mean, the best option that they have is to sell their products here. Or maybe is it better trying to sell it directly?
Have other members of the chain of value any chance of gaining the trust of your customers? Watch out, your customers will become THEIR customers and they can buy you, create an alternative chain of value or just convert you into a commodity.
Answer these questions and you will, clearly, see if they control or not the chain of value.
Then you can position Miss Travel in these Matrices we talked above.
Then you will become better Touristologists.
Then you will earn a higher salary or create your own enterprise implementing this knowledge, one of the bedrocks of Touristology.
Then you will make me the proudest Touristology builder in the entire world!!!

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