Dec 25, 2012

Touristology in Consilience

I’m a stronger believer in Consilience and each one of the science has to bring something new.
What does Touristology bring?
1) People (not Touristologist) working in tourism field usually focus on the tourist destination and try to offer products / activities for the inhabitants or for tourist already there.
On the other hand, any Touristologists know that in order to be successful a tourist destination or tourism enterprise needs to create a chain of value able to get the trust of the tourist from anyplace in the world and then provide something valuable in order to provoke the travel and avoid to be competitive just with low prices.
2) People (not Touristologist) working in tourism field usually focus on tourism companies. On the other hand, any Touristologist know that you have to complement the chain of value with enterprises, associations, mass-media, Social Networking Sites… related with the motivation of the tourist.
For instance, it’s a Catalan company working in the field of cloud computing (they provide a cloud desktop to be precise). At first glance you could think that this company has nothing to do with tourism BUT if you organize a trip for students around the world willing to learn how young entrepreneurs people create and manage a company obviously the visit to eyeos it will be part of the travel and a Touristologist would have to arrange everything to make the visit possible and interesting. You can visit this link to see something similar
So, what is part of the tourism sector is not defined for the offer BUT for the demand. We must see reality from different perspectives. This picture by Escher maybe helps you to open your mind!

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win.
—Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. The main difference is that touristologists work for the tourist and not touristologists profesionals work for their companies! Mistake!
    Who's paying our wages? the company or the client???!!!!
    Amen Dr. Oller!