Apr 26, 2011

Is there life out of Google? Part 1

YES! This doesn’t mean whatsoever that Google is not important. Tourism companies and organizations MUST learn how to use and manage both organic (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) and not organic (SEM = Search Engine Marketing) campaigns. This is especially important when you start a business but as you have more and more customers you have to use less Google and more Your Own Butterfly Strategy and the idea of OUR Enterprise.
In summary Your Own Butterfly Strategy is similar to the strategy followed by Google but focus on your business.
Google combine AddWords (people/enterprises willing to pay in order to appear in Google Search Engine OR in its Content Network) with AddSense (Websites known as Content Network willing to let Google to put adds in his place in exchange for a commission).
Your Own Butterfly Strategy aims to create a butterfly which connects webs related to your content or to your segment’s needs with your segment.
Then you connect the two wings with Links (the simplest way of web connection) or WebServices which provide the famous three C’s (Content, Commerce and Community) relevant to your segment.

Next day we will talk about OUR Enterprise idea! C U !

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