Apr 26, 2017

From the city of the tourists to the tourists of the city

We need less criticism about tourism and more actions. We need more people applying Touristology and less people managing the tourism sector saying that tourism is not manageable (that make me tweet… “this is a good (and very sad) example of an oxymoron!!!)
We need to change from Top-Down strategies to Bottom-Up ones, as we analyze here AND here using analogy’s power…
We need to use the most important resource of any tourism destination… OUR people. They have to create, communicate and commercialize THEIR own tourism products.
We need less promotion efforts focused on foreign enterprises bringing THEIR tourists. We need less foreign investors and more use of the real sharing economy using OUR apartments, OUR hotels to seduce OUR tourists (as we discussed here).
We need to educate our people. We need to seduce OUR tourists, in this way we will love them and everybody will love Tourism!
Time to look for results NOT excuses! Time to create a stimulating alternative for everybody. Time to take the tourism sector in OUR own hands.
Yes, definitely, we need to change from the city of the tourists to the tourists of the city. OUR people have to select, seduce, bring OUR own tourists here! Proving that tourism is manageable, proving that we can create richness, good quality jobs and successful start-ups, proving that we are leaders in Tourism!!!

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