Aug 23, 2016

Cruises as a transport, NOT as Tourists provider!

Cruises? Of course! But…much better as a transport for OUR tourists that only as a parking for THEIR tourists!!!  #Touristology
Do you REALLY want to be leader in Tourism? Bring your own Tourists. Don’t wait to someone else (you can call it Tour-Operators, big search engines, big social networking sites, the new group buying and flash sales sites.…. A cruise!!!) brings theirs.
Some years ago, some tourism destinations did the same actions with low cost airlines, giving to them better conditions in order that they bring THEIR tourists to them.
I repeat! Do you, REALLY, want to be leader in Tourism?
1) Find good international segments (Please, forgot about Dr. Frankensteins segmentation)

Be sure, that you can create groups inside this segment. Be sure that you can add layers of profit.

Then, use the airlines and the cruises as a transport companies for YOURS Tourists!!! Not as a Tourists provider!

2) As WE, Touristologisty said, nothing wrong with generic tourism BUT we have to combine it with specialized one. To tell the truth always better combine specialized with generic...
that the other way around. But if this is not possible… be sure that you add some specialized layers over your generic tourism! In this way, you always will have a good swimming pool level (the percentage of occupancy that you already have for sure). Then, your negotiations with some tourist providers will be much easier!!! Show to the world that we are leaders in Tourism!!!
Any doubt? Don’t’ ask me… Ask any of my Touristologists!!! You don’t know who they are? Very easy, just ask them… what is your profession? They will proudly reply “Touristologists!!!”
They are the best minds working in the best sector ever!!!

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